1978 • Bari, Italy
Survival, Bushcraft & Prepping

Luciano Cicchelli

Creator, founder, technical director and instructor at the Outdoor Tribe project
01 BIO

Graduate in political sciences and international relations, passionate since forever about the outdoor world and the knowledge of the personal limits, he becomes from an early age a FISSS survival instructor (Italian Federation of Sport and Experimental Survival). Tireless perfectionist, he acquires over time a series of licenses and qualifications (skydiving, physical education teacher, instructor of risks and advantages of the urban center in case of natural disaster or other unpredictable large event, instructor for cross-country navigation and orientation, teacher of general risks from dangers of a riot mob) that makes him a remarkable person, invited as a pundit and consultant in many critical situations. He has had many and diversified abroad experiences to test discomforts and physical adaptation to different terrain typologies, temperature and climate. He studied Survival, Psychological Survival, Prepping and Bushcraft, as well as communication and body language, biology, anthropology, psychology and mob mentality, to improve his adaptation and survival techniques and to develop resilience.

He has taken part in significant international meetings abroad, with some of the greatest experts in Survival & Bushcraft, such as Dave Canterbury (Survival), Beth Moen (wood and bark carving to create tools), Torbjon Selin (First AID, edible and officinal herbs gathering), Johan Skullman (orientation and navigation without compass and tools), Jogge Sundqvist (Wood Carving & Wood Plating, creation of objects), Tony Daniel (bamboo carving and creation of baskets and fish traps) and Jesper Hede (camp cooking), learnt and improved his knowledge on fishing with improvised materials and on many other useful abilities in nature. He holds Survival, Bushcraft and Prepping courses for adults and children, teaching how to move in nature, build a shelter, light a fire with primitive methods, recognize flora and fauna and how to use them when needed, how to exaptate appropriate materials in case of need, how to manage stress discomfort coming from critical situations when needed. He collaborates with sector magazines, writing articles for the column of exaptation of materials.

He joins the Steel Life team in 2018 as an external design consultant and extreme tester.