1982 • Milan, Italy
Man & Animal Tracking, Survival, Conservation

Kyt Walken

Outdoor enthusiast and true worshipper of the noble and ancient Art of Tracking
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She approached Survival several years ago, taking part to many courses (Survival, Remote Life Support, Edible Plants Identification). After attending two classes at the David Scott Donelan Tracking School - European Division, in June 2017 she takes part to a 5 days Tactical Acuity C-IED course hold by David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School) and JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications) in Faber, Virginia, US, where she has the honor to learn from other professionals as well like Craig Caudill (Nature Reliance School), Rob Speiden (Natural Awareness Tracking School), Kenneth Galbraith ( U.S. Army Special Forces).

On December 1st 2017 she is entitled as Official Representative of Hull’s Tracking School and Instructor. In July 2018 she becomes Conservation Ranger after attending a two weeks course at E.S.A. in Poland led by C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide).

She joins the Steel Life team in 2018 as a tester in Survival, Conservation and Tracking field.