1978 • Roma, Italy
Airsoft, Survival & Off-Roading

Francesco Sulpizi

Airsoft, survival and off-roading instructor. Consultant and organizer of wargames, outdoor, survival and climbing activities, off-roading guide
01 BIO

Born in Rome in '78. He served in the operational units of the Italian Army (formerly Lagunare). Present at the forefront of operational sites of the Balkans (Kosovo) and southern areas (Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon). Holder of skydiving and diving's licenses; he’s also a driving instructor of amphibious, floating, tactical and armored vehicles, as well as an off-roading guide; he earned a nautical license; is a Survival Instructor (C.S.E.N.) and a Master Instructor of Airsoft (C.S.E.N.). He practices free climbing, mountaineering, diving, skydiving, skiing, archery, sport shooting, body building, running, parkour, Krav Maga, karate, mountain biking and motorcycling.

Permanent partner of Airsoft and survival magazines. He is the author of the valuable "Manuale softair vol. 1 e vol. 2" (Airsoft manual vol.1 and vol.2). He founded the C.A.S.C. WGS Softair & Survival, holding the position of president. He currently organizes training courses on Airsoft, survival, land navigation, orientation, GPS, outdoor activities, off-roading, dynamic and long-range shooting. He is a consultant for the organization of Airsoft tournaments and events for the National Educational Sports Center (C.S.E.N.).

He joins the Steel Life team in 2018 as an external consultant and trainer for the Axem4.0 Machine for Survival.