1980 • Patti, Italy
Airsoft, Tactical Shooting & Motivational

Filippo Danesi

Developer of innovative and dynamic Airsoft techniques conceived to increase game performances in wooded and urban areas
01 BIO

Of Sicilian origin, but living since a long time in Lombardy, Italy. Born in the ‘80s, thanks to his physical and mental skills, he immediately starts to practice outdoor, contact and strategic sport. Great rugby player and sophisticated and versatile Airsoft athlete. He is currently a trainer, instructor and the technical director of the Rassak Airsoft project, which deals with developing innovative and dynamic Airsoft technique, conceived to increase game performances in the wooded and urban areas; the techniques are designed and tested in the smallest detail to develop the playing style from static and slow, to fast and dynamic, with a hint of aggressiveness and versatility.

Since '98, he has been an explorer, rifleman and assaulter in the Italian Army. Since '99 he has been at the forefront of many abroad missions as explorers and assaulters team commander. He is a collaborator and consultant for private institutions in quality of assistant, partner, emplacement instructor; instructor of operational tactical shooting and psycho-physical and motivational trainer.

He joins the Steel Life team in 2018 as an external consultant and trainer for the Axem4.0 Machine for Survival.