1972 • Bari, Italy
Shooting, Tactical Combat & Private Training

Domenico Miccoli

Co-Founder, special & tactical trainer of the International Tactical Combat Academy
01 BIO

Born in '72, in Bari. From an early age he trains for one goal: to be a skilled professional. And he succeeds. All of his skills and experience come together in the I.T.C.A (International Tactical Combat Academy), in 2010. Multivalent, meticulous, infallible. He is T.S.N. instructor and shooting director (National Shooting Sports). Qualified to use and teach with most of the firearms. He is a M.I.P. Lifeguard (Sea, Intern, Pool) of the F.I.N. achieved at the C.O.N.I. of Rome. He carried out the N.B.C.R. course (Nuclear, Bacteriologic, Chemical and Radiological). He accomplished the Stage Air Defense - fight and flight, Krav maga techniques and in-flight combat, attack/defense techniques in extreme conditions.

Skilled mountaineer (Rock climber Mountaineer achieved at the Alpine Training Center, Trento). Expert diver (ADVANCED Diver Course - PADI). He practices HAPKIDO (oriental martial art). Calm, cold, essential. Skills needed in Point Shooting, Dynamic Point Shooting and Quick Shooting Sports, his passions. He attended the Bronze, Silver and Gold level course of Dynamic Shooting. He has taken part in several Italian Championships of Dynamic Shooting.

He joins the Steel Life team in 2018 as an external design consultant and special & tactical trainer.