1978 • Trento, Italy
Survival, Bushcraft & Trekking

David Giaimo

AIGAE member, Master FIBUS Instructor and chairman of the Garda Survival Experience
01 BIO

Born in 1978, he is interested in martial arts since he was a child, where he started to practice sports like the Yoseikan Budo and Kung Fu at the age of 7. The passion for the outdoors and nature, then, make him fall in love with the mountain. His work thus becomes in a short time linked to trekking and hiking. He graduated from the linguistic high school and, after a period under the Italian Army, decided to deepen and keep trained some techniques learned, devoting himself to survival skills and hiking. Subsequently he falls in love with the "survival" material and begins to attend specialization courses, until he obtains the level of FIBuS Master Instructor. Hence the passion becomes stronger and stronger, until it is transformed into his own work. Dedicated to the improvement and study of things, leaves nothing to chance. Every course, excursion and activity must be planned to the letter, leaving nothing to chance, but always prepared and ready to solve any kind of unexpected event or problem that should arise before. Over the years he has actively participated in the spread of Soft Air and Survival sectors in Italy, actively participating in the summer of 2011 in the foundation of the FISA (Italian Soft Air Federation) with Sergio Bigoni. In May 2014 he obtains the NCAGE code (code that identifies a company, association, person, etc. that provides services to the ADs of the countries that adhere to the NCS), the UNGM code (code needed to access the United Nations Global Market and therefore provide services and advice to the armed forces of the UN member countries) and the DUNS code.

In order of time, the last and most important certifications received are in 2014 (AIGAE member) and in 2016 (Master FIBUS Instructor). He is currently chairman of the Garda Survival Experience, intent on promoting on the national territory the discipline of survival, hiking and outdoor in general. Since 2016 he is also president of the Italian Bushcraft & Survival Federation. Again in 2016 he published his first surviving handbook "Bushcraft & Survival – Pocket Guide" and subsequently participated in a survival gathering in Rome, where he held the course on “Bug Out Bag” and in some in-depth studies alongside Dave Canterbury during some classes. The partnership with Canterbury then leads him to participate in a survival course organized directly by the “Pathfinder School” in Sweden in September of the following year. In 2018 he writes a basic field article published in Survival & Reporter. He is currently involved in the creation of a television broadcaster transmitted via web, with an attached specialized magazine, always linked to the survival world that should be highlighted in the second half of 2019.

He joins the Steel Life team in 2019 as an external design consultant and extreme tester.