1965 • Rome, Italy
Survival, Rescue & Flight Instructor

Daniele Manno

President, Survival & Rescue Instructor at Oltre School & Flight Instructor at Val Vibrata Flight School
01 BIO

Passionate about outdoor since ever, pilot since 1987. He is the founder and president of the survival and rescue school OLTRE. He began his journey with the Italian Survival Federation in 2001 to explore the techniques and knowledge in the field of survival: in the sea, the mountains or in the most remote areas of the planet. Flight instructor, rescue swimmer, diver, speleologist, are just some of the skills that have built him to the mentality of the semper paratus (always ready) and that in numerous trips abroad, have allowed him to face the different difficulties with due seriousness and determination. Former officer of the Italian Air Force, he goes back to dressing the stars with the Military Corps of the CRI with the rank of Captain Commissioner (cgd), and for over a year, he is responsible for the survival training of the IX Mobilization Center where, within the CRI, he already holds the qualification of rescuer OPSA, SMTS and diver.

Once reached the status of Advanced Master FISSS Instructor, he is the national federal referent for survival at sea and first aid in the remote areas, area further investigated with the certification of Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician at the SOLO Survival and Wilderness Medical School, NH, USA, and attainment of the BLSD and PTC Instructor (Pre-hospital Trauma Care) qualification. Military Experience: Italian Naval Academy, Italian Air Force, Italian Red Cross, Military Corp. Some other Experiences and Qualifications: Surgical Suture Course, BLSD & PTC Instructor, National Registry E.M.T., Wilderness E.M.T. & BLS Provider (A.H.A.), Military Life Saver, 1° Level, TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), Remote Life Support Instructor (2nd Level), Master Advanced Survival Instructor, Italian Red Cross Rescue Swimmer, Shallow Water Egress Training Instructor, Italian Red Cross Watercraft Operator. Total Flight Time @ hrs. 5000 +

He joins the Steel Life team in 2019 as an external design consultant, qualified tester & instructor.