1987 • Orvieto, Italy
2015 • Fano, Italy
Airsoft Game & Tactical Dog

Daniele Cardarelli & Aron

Creator, co-founder and trainer at the Game Tactical Dog project
01 BIO

Born in Orvieto in 1987. Paratrooper, soft gunner, dog lover and lover of nature and outdoors. In 2011 he enlists in the Italian Army where he remains in service for two years at the CAAE (Army Aviation Training Center), employed as operator and driver of fire-fighting vehicles. He has the chance to work with many departments of the Army, including the Dog unit. After the coming of Aron, a Belgian Malinois dog, and thanks to the meeting with the dog instructor Fabio Chianello, the GAME TACTICAL DOG has been achieved. With the cooperation of the F.I.G.T. (Italian Federation of Tactical Games), it has been possible to merge the basis of two international sports: the Airsoft and the Dog Training.

Aron is a Belgian Malinois specimen. He was born in Fano in 2015. He starts very early to take its first steps, since its early days, in the Agility Dog world. In 2016, thanks to the meeting with the Dog trainer Fabio Chianello, Aron approaches the military world, learning many techniques, from the research to the tactical movement and riot control. Thanks to its innate qualities, it will be a key in the birth of the new GAME TACTICAL DOG discipline. It makes its debut in Pizzighettone during the exhibition HONOR AND GLORY - WAR DOGS.

Both become part of the Steel Life team in 2018 as external consultants & testers.