89 x 39 x 2.5mm
62 grams
AISI 304 stainless steel laser cutting machine. Electrochemical polish finish.

Multi Hesa over 20 stainless steel multi tool.

05 MH10

The MH10 is a cool elongated hexagon multitool designed to always stay handy and give you a hand when when you need it.

The MH10 delivers over 20 handy functionalities: flat screw driver, 3 wire stripper, saw blade, bottle cap opener , nail puller, a mini pry bar and 8 hex wrenches. Perfect keyring companion for any real man

The MH10 is the minimal size. It can fit perfectly into your survival kit, hunting, fishing, hiking emergency or disaster preparedness kit.

Whatever the job that needs to be done, every tool you could hope for is packed into this infinitely useful multi tool.