85.6 x 54 x 2.2mm
30 grams
AISI 304 stainless steel laser cutting machine.

Multi Credit over 20 multi tool stainless steel with black electro ferritic coating

01 MC10R

The MC10R is the best ultimate survival multitool. over 20 in 1 outdoor and wilderness survival tools in 1 pocket wallet sized multi-tool . It covers all essential purposes for your camping survival kit, fishing kit, hunting gear kit, or even a home repair tool kit.

The MC10R It could be fashioned into a rugged hatchet for chopping, a tool for digging. The cord (about 90 cm) could be used to tie together a shelter, hang food out of reach of animals, as a first aid tourniquet, or makeshift bow string. And, it can just as easily be used as an envelope opener and box cutter.

The MC10R is the size of a credit card. It can fit perfectly into your survival kit, hunting, fishing, hiking emergency or disaster preparedness kit.

Some features include: survival saw, rope, 2 blade edges, 2 screwdrivers, navigation device, nail pry, Ruler, bottle opener, can opener, 4 wrenchs, and more.