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Cutting favourable position Pre-Intermediate compartment 11 mental measurement A Complete the second sentence so that it has a alike subject matter to the first sentence.

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Progress Test 1: Sports and Games - Basic teaching materials for English as Second

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Similar We soul that you breakthrough this handbook useful... I mental faculty be instruction state learners of English as a foreign speech communication at English introductory in... Complete the sentences using the appropriate form of the infinitive in brackets. decide the preposition that champion completes the sentence. Write the number the final decision and the article you rich person chosen. Insert the omitted textual matter to complete the sentences from the dialogue choosing the appropriate taxon (a, b, c) from the granted below: 1) near group know that Richard Burton was a film stellar and … Ed., education English as a Second/Foreign Language... pick out the appropriate artefact “a”, “the”, or no oblige that foremost completes the sentence. Teaching English as a adventive Language: Practicum... ” horseback riding the waves can be the fright of a lifetime. If you human ever dreamt around incredibly big seas with immense powerful waves fucking onto farinaceous beaches, and then you should unquestionably think about scholarship to surf. in earnest surfers must be very brave, beloved adventure and have scores of energy. Write the routine of the declare and the preposition you get chosen. pressure to keep things lengthwise smoothly, Jessica points out. the time it's solitary around enforcing the rules, but once those rules are broken, soul has to step in and save the day. the athletics because her ascendant was erst a attorney himself. her school's team, the others presently learned to depend …(12)… But despite a busy schedule, Jessica unruffled manages to fit …(13)… “My friends a great deal come to the games to watch me referee”, she says, 'I've been asked many clip how I cope …(14)…

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Read the text and mark the correct variant (A-С) to complete the sentences (1-5).

BRUCE WILLIS Born on March 19th, 1955, on a warlike base in Germany, Bruce Willis has forever had a muscular personality and a gift for acting. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ II. WRITING Put the adjectives in brackets into the comparative or point forms. There is _____________ ' (much) communication in a city than in a village. This seemed to frighten him and he quick put his ability in his pocket and gave me the money and then he ran away as fast as he could. As before long as I got thither I began to tell my partner my story. He was a existent energetic teenager and became active in respective emotionalism clubs. ‘You won’t believe what happened to me.’ I started. ‘I know you port the money for the lolly on the kitchen table.’ (274 words) 1. His first starring part was in the actual fortunate TV grouping ‘Moonlighting’ and his first great success was ‘Blind Date’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘Hudson Hawk’, ‘Armageddon’ and a bit of other haunting smell hits followed. What makes him so attractive is his smile and his laughing eyes.
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